National Mimosa Day

Event Ended: Sunday May 16th, 2021

A BIG Kick Off Brunch Season

Join us on Sunday, May 16, for a beachside brunch, with the World’s Largest Champagne Flute, from 10am to 3pm in celebration of National Mimosa Day.

Orangina’s Big Splash

We are partnering up with Orangina, to bring you all the Biggest Cheers of All, the World’s Largest Champagne Flute. On May 16, we’ll be having a beachfront blast, and will be filling the world’s largest champagne flute with Orangina during National Mimosa Day.

Join us for this event, and you’ll be in for some treats. Any purchase of an Orangina Mimosa, will come with a complimentary commemorative Orangina insulated mimosa flute, perfect for beachside mimosas.

Live music will be from 11 to 3pm, with giveaways throughout the day.

And whether or not you’re drinking Orangina, join us for a look at the World’s Largest Champagne Flute, and have a chance to be a part of history and help us fill up this 33 gallon flute. You’ll personally be able to pour in a bottle of Orangina, until we break the record with a full 33 gallons. Fun for kiddos too!

For more details about this event, visit: Orangina’s Big Splash

A Fundraising Event

This past year has been a tough year for all and especially on the hospitality industry. So leading up to this event, and for the entire month of May, we will be donating a portion of proceeds from Orangina and Orangina Mimosa Sales to the N.C. Restaurant Workers Relief Fund

Join us during the week, Sunday brunch, or on National Mimosa Day – May 16, and help us #CheerstotheCause.

About the NCRLA NC Worker’s Relief Fund

The NC Restaurant Workers Relief Fund was started in March of 2020 when the pandemic hit North Carolina and shuttered the hospitality industry. The NCRLA quickly took action and developed the relief fund to help the thousands of displaced hospitality workers.

During the application period we accepted over 20,000 applications. To date we have raised over 1.4 million dollars and dispersed 2,780 grants. Donations have still been rolling in and as soon as money is received, it is dispersed to those in need.

If you would like to make a contribution to the NC Restaurant Worker’s Relief Fund, and unable to attend this event, you can submit donations via the website –

About Orangina 

Orangina, one of the world’s most-loved soda brands, is now back in the United States in its original French formula — all natural ingredients, light carbonation and no high fructose corn syrup. Give it a gentle shake to mix the delicious blend of citrus juices plus real orange zest and pulp, and join the millions of people who shake up their everyday with Orangina.

Originally introduced in the 1930s in Marseille, France, by an Algerian doctor and a French businessman, Orangina brings a taste of the Mediterranean to customers in more than 60 countries. Known globally for its iconic bulb-shaped bottle, Orangina in the U.S. is distributed by Pepsi Bottling Ventures in Raleigh, N.C.